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Chairman: Mr Li Hongying
education: undergraduate degree
Professional title: senior business operator、hull engineer

Work experience:
1984~1985 -worked in central primary school, Hepu town,Xiangshan as teacher
July 1985-worked in Xiangshan Nantian Supply and Marketing Cooperative
1986- worked in Nantian Supply and Marketing Cooperative Metal & Chemistry Factory as manager
1998-purchased Xiangshan Pudong Shipyard as chairman
2001-set up Xiangshan Pudong Oxygen Reserve Co.,Ltd as chairman
2002-purchased Xiangshang Qihang Ship Repairing and Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd as chairman
2002-joined in Xiangshan Donghe Shipping Development Co.,Ltd as general manager
July 2004-set up Zhejiang Donghong Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd as chairman
2005-set up Ningbo Donghe Ship Repairing and Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd as vice chairman
2006-set up Xiangshan Donghong Shipping Development Co.,Ltd as chairman
August 2010- set up Donghong Group Co.,Ltd as chairman

social prestige:
Feb 2006     Xiangshan industrial enterprise top ten venture star
Mar 2007     Xiangshan industrial enterprise top ten venture star
Dec 2007     Xiangshan outstanding people's assessor
Mar 2008     Expert of Ningbo Ship Industry expert group
Jun 2008     Ningbo outstanding entrepreneur
Sep 2009     An excellent builder for the 2nd socialist cause with Chinese characteristics in Xiangshan
Apr 2010     Working model in Ningbo City

social position:
Feb 2004     Xiangshan Private Enterprise Association as executive member
Aug 2004     Xiangshan Business Association as member
Apr 2005     Xiangshan people's assessor
Jul 2005       Ningbo Ship Association as vice president
Dec 2005     Ningbo Economic Council as executive member
Mar 2006     Xiangshan Ship Association as president
Nov 2006     Ningbo Business Association as representative
Jan 2007      Municipality and county NPC member
May 2007     Xiangshan Charitable Union as representative
Oct 2008     Ningbo Entrepreneurs Society as vice president
2008           Nantian Chamber of Commerce as president
2008           Ningbo Fishing Boats/Fishing Equipments/Fishing Tools Industry Associations as Administrative vice president
Aug 2009     Ningbo Business Association as vice chairman